Providing award winning professional mental health support & life coaching for individuals & the workplace in Bristol

Certified Stress Management Consultant. Issued By The International Association of Counselors & Therapies USA.

Providing award winning professional mental health support & life coaching for individuals & the workplace in Bristol

Certified Stress Management Consultant. Issued By The International Association of Counselors & Therapies USA.


Sophie West

“Sophie is one of the few Hypnotherapists that have been awarded the Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma, which is the highest award in hypnotherapy”

​“Sophie is also a member of the Clinical Advisory Team for IBS Network”

"Sophie West is a qualified and experienced New York, USA trained Certified Stress Management Consultant, and one of the few Advanced Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotist & Psychotherapist UK trained, New York, USA trained Integrative Life Coach, and Mindfulness Coach.

She uses her expertise by blending Clinical Hypnosis, NLP & CBT to help people make significant changes in a short amount of time. Sophie works with clients suffering from stress. Her informed approach uses the latest neuroscientific research to advantageously create bold and effective sessions which help you to replace unwanted thoughts or behaviours with more positive ones.

Sophie makes a positive difference to so many lives by helping to break clients' negative behavioural cycles and allowing them to regain control of their wellbeing within a short amount of time. Sophie works with clients either 1-1 at her private clinics or, for clients who wish to have their sessions from the comfort of their own home or office, through her online Clinic via Zoom. Clients that opt for virtual sessions receive exactly the same benefits as a 1-1 session, which means that personal support is just a click away."

Training with the  Speakmans! I absolutely love gaining new knowledge to better serve my clients.
Training with the Speakmans! I absolutely love gaining new knowledge to better serve my clients.
Quitting smoking concept. Hand is refusing cigarette offer.

Do you want to stop smoking/vaping in a 2 hour session for £150

please contact

Hypnotherapist Of The Year 2021/22

Sophie West Therapies & Life Coaching, run by hypnotherapy expert Sophie West, aims to support and guide every client in overcoming their issues, improving their wellbeing and maximising their potential. Sophie is passionate about positive change and takes enormous pride from working in the health and wellbeing sector - helping people to live more positively.

The judges were particularly impressed by the commitment of Sophie in her pursuit of improving clients' lives. The hypnotherapist has spent years of her life training and continues to enhance her skills through workshops, courses, supervision and personal development. This means she is consistently at the forefront of her sector and an exceptional choice for those hoping to gain
momentum on their chosen paths.


Here is some lovely feedback from my clients:

Dear Sophie,
I hope I have done justice putting into words what you have done for me!
I visited Sophie after a traumatic event which left me with feelings of anxiety, flashbacks and terrible guilt. I was ‘stuck’, unable to get out of a loop that was replaying in my head. Sophie listened to me and understood that talking about it over and over was not helping me process what had happened.
I cannot emphasise how much hypnotherapy helped me get over everything that I was experiencing. Within a few sessions I was thinking more rationally and I was able to enjoy life so much more. Not only has she helped me through trauma but she has made me a more confident person and restored my feelings of self worth. Sophie is kind, professional and very experienced and I feel very lucky to have been her client. I cannot recommend her enough!

See you soon,

'Sophie was recommended to me by a family member and I couldn't fault the service I received. I felt like Sophie was very in tune to my needs from our initial conversation and I was met with her professionalism but also her kindness. I needed this support at a very overwhelming stage in my life and I can't thank Sophie enough for how much it has helped me.'


"Sophie is great - after one session I have packed up smoking for good. The copy of the session to re-listen is useful & just reaffirms everything. I have been an on and off again smoker for years and it already feels like I never smoked. I wish i had done it earlier as I feel so much better and it was so easy.

If you are thinking of giving up smoking, I would thoroughly recommend Sophie. It worked for me and anyone will tell you, I am a cynic! "


"My hypnotherapy sessions with Sophie have been really beneficial: calming, encouraging and deeply relaxing.

Sophie is a professional and has a calming and safe presence. I have fond her CD helpful. I have been able to address my driving phobia with more confidence."

J.C. London

"I honestly can't reccomend Sophie highly enough. Her approach is gentle yet powerful, professional yet personal, intellectual yet relatable. What she has done for me has been life changing and has opened my eyes to the endless benefits of Solution Based Hypnotherapy."

P.G. NHS Consultant

"I've just completed six weekly sessions with Sophie West and found her technique both fascinating & effective in helping my previous faltering attempts at weight loss. Her hypnotherapy method has accurately blocked cravings for specific carb-containing foods (eg: croissants, chocolate etc). I had sessions before & after lockdown - i.e. both in person and online - and continued to gain benefit from the Zoom sessions. I can thoroughly recommend her to others with similar problems."

A C Bristol

"This is Sophie my hypnotherapist and she is simply phenomenal. If anybody is struggling with anxiety, depression or stress during this very difficult time, please consider getting in touch with Sophie, Hypnotherapy isn't weird or whacky it is a life changing therapy based on science. "I honestly can't recommend Sophie highly enough. Her technique, experience, professional and approach has
been life changing for me".


I have to tell you that I am amazed how completely calm and confident I am given the job market has tanked.

I highly recommend Sophie as a hypnotherapist. My personal experience is that hypnotherapy with Sophie is an incredible experience / journey and has lead to a major impact on how I view and live my life.

I have been receiving hypnotherapy for over eight months. Sophie is empathetic, compassionate, motivating, inspirational and very positive. She is competent and easy to talk to. She offers solutions to various problems including anxiety, IBS, depression, anxiety, insomnia and lack of confidence.

I have dealt with major challenges and having regular sessions with Sophie has enabled me to confront many issues. She offers various techniques and strategies to overcome the complexities of life.

I would describe Sophie as supportive, enabling, good sense of humour and always available. She is able to respond via text or arrange hypnotherapy session if you urgently need one.

Therapy sessions are followed by a different trance each week which Sophie selects in accordance with issues raised in the session. My sessions with Sophie thus far have been extremely beneficial for my well-being.