Lets talk about Stress

“Stress leads to anxiety… and anxiety increases your stress levels…it goes round and round until you develop a strategy to interrupt the pattern and get back to a healthier baseline” and that’s when I come in.

Stress is a nominalization, you can’t hold it in your hands, or put it in a wheelbarrow… stressing is something that you do!!

1 in 3 adults suffer from the effects of unmanaged stress…..so what can we do about it…

The people of New York, USA know about stress, that’s why I trained there as a New York, USA Certified Stress Management Consultant, this enables me to give my clients the latest and greatest techniques to help reduce stress.

I am also a New York, USA trained Integrative Life Coach, I have also trained in the UK as one of the few Advanced Clinical Solution Focused Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists, I am also a Mindfulness Coach.

I work with my clients to show you how them how to use a range of strategies to help them deal effectively and efficiently with stress and adversity in their life, to enable them to use stress positively, so that when they are under stress they are able to cope, leading to growth, action, and to be able to work to overcome any challenges in their personal and professional life, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Stress is an extremely common symptom of modern life and is the most common cause of long-term absence from work.  Sometimes its just not as simple as removing the cause of pressure and challenges that you are facing – it could be work or family life pressures, real or imagined, which cause you stress which cannot be avoided.

Chronic Stress reduces the brain’s ability to control the stress response….in other words, it’s likely to worsen over time.

Through time chronic stress can cause the brain to shrink (losing synaptic connections), increasing the level of fear, leading to anxiety, and fewer new cells grow affecting the ability to learn and remember – this can lead to depression and even develop in Alzheimers.

Being under stress affects our mood, affects our social interactions, amplifies our insecurities, and triggers all kinds of emotional responses – add in the “mental fog” that comes along with it, and the human tendency to catastrophize and you have got a recipe for an emotional meltdown.

Workshops and Group Sessions

We work with companies large and small, either at your office or via Zoom, offering engaging and informative workshops designed to equip your team with practical stress management techniques. Through group discussions, I will explain how to identify stress, and how to use stress to your advantage, using the latest neuroplasticity, and brain retraining techniques, and interactive activities, you will learn the latest neural rewiring skills to allow your team to get back on track. 

To make an appointment please contact hello@sophiewest.co.uk