As an Integrative Life Coach,

certified by the International Association of Counsellors & Therapists USA, I work with my clients either by Zoom or 1-1.

I work with my clients to show them rapid techniques to make internal strategies for generative and congruent life changes.

We determine what your goals are for:

Finding you dream career

Getting that promotion

Overcoming procrastination

Improving relationships


We work to help our clients:

  • Be able to change emotions

  • Conscious/unconscious dissociation for problem solving

  • Anti-procrastination protocol for motivation & long term goals

  • To reach your full potential

  • Reach your objectives

  • Overcome any challenges in your personal or professional life

Traditional Life Coaching programmes focus all the work on the every limited conscious mind, which creates surface structure changes, however, I work to teach my clients to access the adaptive unconscious, where the unhabituated patterns and limited beliefs and behaviours come from.