I have been scared of flying since I was little

and used to see my dad scared. My anxiety used to start weeks before even arriving at the airport. I would get sweaty and feel super anxious and once on the plane used to have stress seizures and endlessly cry till we landed. Last week, I enjoyed my first flight completely stress free and was able to enjoy my daughter's first flight experience without having gripping fear. I was a little nervous with the turbulence but then remember the finding nemo analogy and found myself smiling.

I can honestly say I'm sooo excited to start this new lease of life with lots of travelling. Thank you so much Sophie!"

Here is some lovely feedback from my clients:


"Sophie is great - after one session I have packed up smoking for good. The copy of the session to re-listen is useful & just reaffirms everything. I have been an on and off again smoker for years and it already feels like I never smoked. I wish i had done it earlier as I feel so much better and it was so easy.

If you are thinking of giving up smoking, I would thoroughly recommend Sophie. It worked for me and anyone will tell you, I am a cynic! "


"My hypnotherapy sessions with Sophie have been really beneficial: calming, encouraging and deeply relaxing.

Sophie is a professional and has a calming and safe presence. I have fond her CD helpful. I have been able to address my driving phobia with more confidence."

J.C. London

"I honestly can't reccomend Sophie highly enough. Her approach is gentle yet powerful, professional yet personal, intellectual yet relatable. What she has done for me has been life changing and has opened my eyes to the endless benefits of Solution Based Hypnotherapy."

P.G. NHS Consultant

"I've just completed six weekly sessions with Sophie West and found her technique both fascinating & effective in helping my previous faltering attempts at weight loss. Her hypnotherapy method has accurately blocked cravings for specific carb-containing foods (eg: croissants, chocolate etc). I had sessions before & after lockdown - i.e. both in person and online - and continued to gain benefit from the Zoom sessions. I can thoroughly recommend her to others with similar problems."

A C Bristol

"This is Sophie my hypnotherapist and she is simply phenomenal. If anybody is struggling with anxiety, depression or stress during this very difficult time, please consider getting in touch with Sophie, Hypnotherapy isn't weird or whacky it is a life changing therapy based on science. "I honestly can't recommend Sophie highly enough. Her technique, experience, professional and approach has
been life changing for me".


I have to tell you that I am amazed how completely calm and confident I am given the job market has tanked.


"Sophie has had the most profound effect on my life. At the beginning of our sessions not only did I think I would never drive on the motorway again my life felt very cluttered and overwhelming. Since seeing Sophie not only have I started motorway driving again but overarching effect the therapy has had on lowering anxiety has been life changing"


Just wanted to say a public thank you to Sophie West for a brilliant hypnotherapy session last week! She was kind enough to reach out via this group and I jumped at the offer for some support.

I'd never had hypnotherapy before, but after she explained everything to me and helped me to identify what I needed support with I felt so much more at ease. The session was so calming and really helped with my stress, anxiety and disrupted sleep given the current situation. I'm thinking of everyone affected by this mad world currently and I hope you're able to stay strong throughout all of this.

I'd highly recommend getting in touch with her to get out of your own head for a bit. Thanks again Sophie, can't wait for our next session.


In simple terms Sophie has changed my life in a way I never thought possible. I always viewed Hypnosis as something that was for Phobias or addictions and generally the entertainment value portrayed in the media. That certainly is not quite the case.
I have suffered with Mental Health issues following a breakdown in early 2015 with various intervention methods including therapies and medication. I had remained steady for some time on a medication which worked, and NHS provided Psychotherapy. These coupled together seemed to be the only treatment method for me.

I had been put in contact with Sophie through an organisation called Aviation Action during the pandemic following a series of impacts to my mental health caused by impacts to the Aviation industry in which I work. Things had really declined for me, I hit the lowest I had been in 6 years.

Sophie had a profound positive effect on me within the first session. She listens, engages, and really wants to help you become your best version of yourself. Really has become my own personal cheerleader, or that is how it feels! I look forward to my sessions with Sophie and we moved very quickly into other areas of my life away from Anxiety and Depression that I know will benefit from this therapy. I get pushed during our sessions with plenty of techniques I can take away and always feel amazing.
I will forever be grateful Sophie; you have been the Guardian Angel I did not know I needed.


I had reached the lowest point in my life. My mental health desperately need treatment and support! Sophie and hypnotherapy brought me back from the brink! I cannot recommend Sophie highly enough! She is fantastic person and I cannot thank her enough!


Hey Sophie, want to ping you a quick message to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you have done with me today. It feels amazing to know that you are in good hands and that a consummate professional such as yourself is helping you move through old and no longer useful behaviors.
We will do a few more sessions, I have no doubt, as I move down the levels of the different parts of myself I am working on. I truly feel thankful to have found you! Alex sends her love also, and I know she is as grateful as I am. Speak soon!

CLIENT @clifton_village_hypnotherapy

"I have had Bulimia Nervosa for 5+ years, which brought with it depression and anxiety. I had been to multiple medical professionals and had countless bouts of therapy that just didn't seem to work. This was until I met Sophie. Sophie has helped me enormously in my recovery to the point I can say " had Bulimia". Sophie guided me in recognising certain triggers and then gave me techniques I could use to deal with them effectively. Starting therapy can be daunting but Sophie makes you feel safe almost immediately so you can get on with the reason(s) why you're there in the first place. I had roughly 6+ sessions, which allowed me to go at my own pace and work on triggers with Sophie as they cropped up in the time between the session before. As cliché as it may sound - Sophie has helped me get my life back"


After having covid I was revisited by some particularly ugly demons from my past which was acute and completely overwhelming. A short time into my first session with Shophie I knew I was in the right place. Trust was established very quickly and I felt completely safe in her care. She has helped me light up a very dark place and I am extremely grateful. I would recommend her to anyone.


Hi Ted, Just wanted to drop a line to thank you for all your help and support. I've been meaning to contact you for a very long time - your guidance was
extremely helpful!
My confidence is back along with my career and I'd like you to know your act of kindness and compassion helping us in aviation through such an uncertain time is something that I regularly feel very grateful for.
You are incredible at what you do Ted and thank you again!

Liz Champion The IBS Network

Sophie West is a valued member of The IBS
Network's voluntary specialist advisory board, providing support to our members and answering their questions on hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and mindfulness. Sophie has presented a series of webinars for the charity focusing on IBS-related stress and anxiety.
The webinars were extremely popular attracting audiences of up to a hundred people and receiving great feedback. In addition to her specialist knowledge and professionalism, Sophie has a fantastic presentation style, encouraging members and bringing a genuine energy, enthusiasm and passion to the webinars. We can't recommend her enough.
Many thanks


I was encouraged that your treatment is approved by NICE as I was on their advisory panel for several years.
I can fall asleep very easily and so when I came to the end of the session I didn't know if I had just done that - or benefitted from Hypnotherapy!
I do "get" what you say about how the brain can work and coincidently Ted, I have been much better since our session.

Liz Champion

Ted & Sophie have presented a series of webinars for the charity focusing on stress and anxiety. The webinars were extremely popular attracting audiences of up to a 100 people and receiving great feedback.
In addition to their specialist knowledge and professionalism, they have a fantastic presentation style encouraging members and bringing a genuine energy, enthusiasm and passion to the webinars. We can't recommend them enough.


Hi Ted
Not sure if you will remember me but I came to see you on the 25th September this year to give up smoking. I haven't written before as I really wanted to be over the 5 months time frame - and yes I've done it.
Last week I have been a non-smoker for 5 full months. I never thought this would be possible as I had been smoking for 38 years but I am so pleased to say it is and I only wish I had come to see you many years ago.
I'm so pleased that you made this happen for me and my life is so much easier and better for not smoking.

Thank you Ted


"I booked a block of 6 sessions with Sophie to treat accute anxiety and poor sleep patterns that were starting to impact on work and home life. I experienced significant improvement after the first session, (deep and peaceful unbroken sleep), and noticable uplift in my mood to manage my anxiety with each following session.
"Sophie is professional, knowlegeable and provides a calm and soothing environment that makes each session something i look forward to and get real value from. Highly recommended."


"Sophie has really helped me with my anxiety and stress. The meetings really calm me down and put things in to perspective."


I visited Sophie yesterday, and she immediately put me at ease with her warm persona. We had a hypnotherapy session for confidence, and i could feel the difference in myself as soon as i had left.
I'm now more relaxed and I'm not second guessing every decision i make, and thinking everything I am doing is wrong. I will be listening to the MP3 she gave me each night and booking in for another session ASAP.
I honestly feel like a different person much more comfortable in my own skin and not worrying about everything."


"Sophie has been helping me manage my confidence and wellbeing during a challenging period in my life including redundancy. The sessions help me to be calm, positive, and make better, more rationale decisions."


I went to see Sophie at Clifton Village Hypnotherapy for help with a fear of flying which was crippling me emotionally and physically. Sophie provided a safe and calm environment, and managed to remove the phobia which had traumatised me for years.
I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I have been to New York twice in the last few months. I can't recommend Sophie highly enough. Sophie has enabled me to enjoy life and make happy memories with my daughter.